The Truth Seeker

Rating: 5 Stars
Dee Henderson’s The Truth Seeker is the Third book in the O’Malley Series (not including the prequel Danger in the Shadows) and is one that will keep you wanting to read more!! Out of all the O’Malley series, it is this novel that stands out to me the most. The suspense, romance and character development are perfectly established that I was disappointed when it ended.
Lisa O’Malley, a forensic pathologist who loves taking risks, willingly walks into a crime investigation where woman are continuously turning up dead, the last one caused by arson. However little did she know that she would be working with Marshal Quinn Diamond, the man who has been intrigued in her the first time they met. Nevertheless danger is just around the corner. Apart from the fact that Lisa goes missing, she realises that the relationship with Quinn has also endangered her heart.
What I love most about this book is the progression in the relationship between Quinn and Lisa. Quinn, who is a gentleman, really tries to capture Lisa’s heart, however her stubbornness, both spiritually and emotionally, prove to make things very difficult.
What I love most about Henderson’s books is that you never fully get to figure out who the criminal is (until of cause the end:)), because she crafts the story so everyone gets part of the blame. For me this really completed the suspense because you continually ask yourself if some particular characters are trustworthy, including some of the people she has trusted most of her life. This aspect really keeps you on your feet.
If you haven’t previously read the other O’Malley books in this series, it is ok because The Truth Seeker is a good standalone book. However I really do recommend the others as well!!

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