RATING: 3 Stars
Other than historical/contemporary romance novels, romantic suspense is another genre that I thoroughly enjoy reading. However out of all the other books I’ve read, Nancy Mehl’s Inescapable didn’t really hit it home.
Personally, I found the lack of suspense one of the major problems. Yes, Lizzie may be running from a crime that she didn’t even commit, and she has a stalker following her, but these aspects needed to be further emphasized by close encounters that make the reader scared for Lizzie’s life. Unfortunately I felt that this book didn’t meet these expectations.
Also, the relationship between Lizzie and Noah wasn’t like the other romance novels I have read. I felt there was a lack of intimate scenes where the two really felt they belonged together. Ok, Noah may have helped Lizzie overcome her fear of returning to Kingdom, but the readers weren’t really exposed to their budding relationship, therefore making the reader wonder how their relationship had progressed to this point.
I was really looking forward to reading this book, but sadly was disappointed.

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