Surrender The Heart

RATING: 5 Stars
Mary Lu Tyndall’s Surrender the Heart is a story filled with wonderful character dynamics that will want you reading for more.
Marianne Denton, a woman desperate to do anything for her family, must marry in order to unlock her inheritance that will help cover her mother’s medical bills. Noah Brenin is a man driven by the guilt of his past and therefore needs to sail his cargo to England before the War begins. His aim is to make enough money so he won’t ever have to marry, but the underlying driving force is the want to prove his worth to his father who has somewhat disowned him. However, things aren’t as they seem. Marianne and Noah are both part of an arranged marriage, and when Noah walks out on it, he unknowingly difficult his future in many ways he never thought possible.
What I love about this story are the dynamics between the characters. Although Noah and Marianne were part of an arranged marriage they have little tolerance for each other. It is this aspect that made the story an exciting read because you know that through the course of the book they’re going to have to fall in love, eventually. However Tyndall does a great job at incorporating twists that greatly impact the stories’ development.
I liked the spiritual aspect of the book, and the content of it isn’t too heavy. I found it nice to be reminded that we are to trust God in all situations, no matter how big or small.
Out of all the books I’ve read of M L Tyndall, this book would have to be one of her best!!

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