Love On A Dime

RATING: 4 stars
Cara Lynn Jame’s Love on a Dime is a story that can’t be missed!!
Lilly Westbrook is living two lives. Apart from being the daughter of a rich family, she secretly writes fictional romances under the pen name Fannie Cole. But what inspires her stories? Her childhood romance with long lost beau Jackson Grail, whose name still continues to stir up feeling she believed no longer existed. However Lilly is betrothed to another man, a man of her own wealth.
After years of not having seen Jackson, he suddenly turns up one day and buys her publishing company, determined to keep the company afloat from financial ruin. This return of his surprises Lilly for she expected never to hear from him again. His newly established social status also appears alarming. Jackson’s return therefore significantly complicates the whole situation because not only does he want to publicize Fannie Cole, but the relationship between Lilly and Jackson begins to blossom again.
What I love about this story are the different twists Cara Lynn James incorporates, making the plot more enjoyable and less predictable. Not only are the personalities of Lilly and Jackson engaging, but also the other characters who under normal circumstances only play a minute role, as they are mentioned once or twice.
This book is one I can find myself reading more often in the future.

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