A Heart Divided

RATING: 5 Stars
Kathleen Morgan’s A Heart Divided is a story every romance fanatic would love. The Caldwells and Wainwrights have been feuding for decades, but who knew that it would end with a relationship between Sarah Caldwells and Cord Wainwright?
Sarah Caldwell was pressured into distracting the Wainwright’s ranch hand, whilst her father and brother rob the ranch. But little did she know that the hand was actually Cord, the next heir of the estate. When Cord realises who Sarah actually is, he drags her away under citizen’s arrest. However it isn’t that easy. Sarah has a family whom she is reluctant to ‘abandon’, although she totally disagrees with this feud and her father’s actions. Nevertheless this imprisonment turns out for the best, not only because it ends the feud, but also because of the relationship Cord and Sarah form. It was this aspect of the book that I really enjoyed. Just like any typical romance novel, jealousy plays a big role, which both Sarah and Cord had to face. Personally, it added another element to the story, one that I really enjoyed.
But, Sarah and Cord are forced to make a decision. It was either each other or their families, the people neither of them wanted to ignore. In the budding relationship between Cord and Sarah, it really asked them to question their values and where God is at work in amongst all this.
This is a book that I would really recommend, and can see myself reading in the future. It is definitely a novel that I want on my bookshelf.

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