The Lightkeeper’s Bride

Rating: 5 Stars
Colleen Coble’s The Lightkeeper’s Bride is a very engaging story that will want you reading for more. When Central Operator Katie Russell answers the call of duty, she not only awakens the call of her heart, but also the dangers that are destined to follow. Overhearing a conversation between her friend Eliza and a familiar male voice, Katie is reluctant to just let the matter past; especially since it is connected to Eliza’s disappearance and she might just have the clue needed to figure the whole mystery out. However, a small pox epidemic breaks out, leaving Katie in the care of the new lighthouse keeper Will Jasperson. Together they form an alliance to figure the whole situation out. However it is not as it seems.
Colleen Coble does a fantastic job at introducing various twists, ones that I personally would never have come up with, which makes this book one to really enjoy because they realy highlight the suspense. Also, the romantic character development between Katie and Will is one I truly enjoyed. Romance is one of the main genres I love to read, and this book hits the mark, especially based on the fact that she is expected to marry Bartholomew Foster, but has feelings for Will, making their moments together ones to treasure.
On a more spiritual note, Katie learns that God is the answer to peace, one that she has been longing so have. Personally, I believe this aspect is important to be continuously reminded of, especially with our busy lives.
Overall, this is one book that can’t be missed.

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