There You’ll Find Me

Rating: 5 Stars
Jenny B Jone’s There You’ll Find Me is a wonderful teen story full of excitment and romance.

After the death of her dearly loved brother Will, Finley Sinclair flies over to Ireland in order to follow his travel journey, to the places where he felt closest to God. But once there she begins to break down. Not only is the pressure of school and her upcoming audition getting too much, but the test of being near her brother’s most treasured places. Also, her relationship with Beckett Rush, the teen heartthrob and Hollywood bad boy, proves challenging. However through all these moments Finley begins to realise that God is everywhere, no matter what she is going through. It was this aspect of the book I found most inspiring. Being a teenager myself, I sometimes feel that God isn’t always there. Reading this book really helped reassure me that He actually is right beside me.

Jones also did a great job with the romance between Finley and Beckett, which is actually the aspect that drew me to the book. Overall, this book is one I really recommend and can see myself reading more often in the future.

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