Fatal Judgement- Irene Hannon

Rating: 4 Stars
Having read about four of Irene Hannon’s suspense novels, apart from her title “Against All Odds”, Fatal Judgement falls into second place just behind. What makes a suspense novel worthwhile reading is the climax that builds up the suspense and the unexpected twists that occur. I found this very evident in Fatal Judgement. Although after having read a couple of Irene Hannon’s other suspense novels, I have been able to get used to her style of writing, making things less predictable. But some of the twists and storylines Hannon slowly unravels were able to surprise me.

The way this book is written also helped me to enjoy this read. However, I found some of the dialogue from the killer a little to revealing. For me, a suspense novel allows the readers to figure out who the terrorist/murderer/suspect is, allowing them to guess potential people and therefore developing a certain hesitation towards liking certain characters. This is an aspect that I enjoyed from other suspense authors, such as Dee Henderson, because it allowed for unexpected things to occur because you don’t know who that person is. However, this book doesn’t really allow for this added excitement.

Apart from this, the book is really enjoyable, thanks to the character development and the romance that pulled me into reading it. Although some of the suspenseful elements are taken out, they are still present with a question like “Will the FBI make it in time?”

This is a suspense novel that can’t be missed

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